Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yeah, that's really great...

Sarcasm's a wonderous tool.
I tend to use it as a rule.
This website has made,
A mark as displayed.
To help you not look like a fool.


Anonymous said...

Haha this is pretty solid. Sarcasm is definitely a part in teaching. It is almost a language of its own. It gets funny when student cannot pick up on it. About 3/4 of class can get it and the rest think you are serious. This mark you talk about kind of makes sense. I am sure if I had a little cue for the class some would find it helpful. The others might lose the enjoyment in not seeing any strugglers.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

LOL! I love the idea of a SarcMark!

Mr. Deters said...

I have to be careful when using sarcasm with 4th graders. A lot of them don't get it, and take it literally. They are getting better, but I have to tone it down a lot.